We love coworking spaces, be it SparkPlug Coworks or other fantastic spaces that we know. Our love is not just to love but beyond any words that could describe coworking. Our love for coworking also excites us about the future of work and building of communities and ecosystems that enable effective coworking.

With my experience of working across various coworking  spaces and across different locations, I have experienced what differentiates a good coworking space and a great coworking space. While a good coworking space keeps all the basic needs of coworking intact, a great coworking space goes beyond just high-speed internet and a fantastic coffee. Here is what according to me are the top 5 things one needs to look into while selecting a coworking space:

1. Community beyond just workspace

 Communities are defining the future of work,whether you are a digital nomad, freelancer or a full-time entrepreneur, you need an ecosystem that understands you and makes you look forward to what you are doing. Gallup’s research says it is critical to have a friend at work and this enhances our performance. A community also enables us to bounce back on various ups and downs of our journey. It provides the best source of likeminded professionals, with whom we can share our points of view, structure our thoughts and focus on things that matter to us the most.

While we spend most of our time at work than at home, and it’s obvious that we need to network with others to make our worklife feel worthwhile. Having right community helps and supports us nurture the feeling, thereby enabling us to look forward to go to work. Not having this outlet, may make us feel alone and isolated.

2. Facilities beyond just workspace

Who has not heard of the saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Performance flourishes where there is fun, happiness and laughter. For a healthy and inspired development, social play is a critical element and a perfect coworking space must make it happen.

 Identify spaces that will enable you to havefun and make you want to be there. Make sure that there are facilities thatenable you to play, have fun, be it a small foosball table, a table tennis game or just some private areato relax, think and collect thoughts to tingle creative brains.

3. Networking beyond just workspace

 Any business or personal growth is as a result of strong professional network. A great coworking spaces enables a professional network that not only helps with ways to expand knowledge, learn of like-minded entrepreneurs, receive connects to acquire new clients and provides an opportunity to present your business to others.

Most of the times in a coworking space, the referrals that you receive are normally of high quality with potential to turn them into real clients. When you work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs, you will receive opportunities in abundance. It provides an opportunity to share your experience and expertise with others, thereby increasing your confidence and provides satisfaction from helping others. Simply put, Network.Collaborate. Grow.

4.Location beyond just workspace

Make sure that you take into account that the coworking space is rightly located. There should be facilities and public systems that are easily in reach when required. Consider a coworking space that is located in a great locality surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, access to public transportation, easy commute to business center and access to residential options.

5. Service beyond just workspace

While a good coworking space makes sure that it keeps the space neat and tidy, a great coworking space is where you go back home happy every day and come back in the morning for wanting more.

Look for a space with efficient community managers, friendly office help and overall a customer friendly coworking operator. If required interact with the existing members to understand the friendliness and responsiveness of the community staff at the coworking center. Choose a space where the response time is short, where the coworking team proactively addresses the member needs, provide timely and accurate informationto the members, are patient while listening and responding to the client andwork with the members in a friendly manner. 

All in all, choosing a great coworking space should be based on the community, facilities, networking opportunities, location and the service quality offered by the coworking space. These are what clearly differentiate a great coworking space and a good coworking space.

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