The recent COVID -19 outbreak has negatively impacted all kinds of industries, starting from well-established large companies and industries to newly founded start-ups, everyone has faced the heat. Because of the continuous lock-downs and the fall in productivity, many companies do not have funds to survive the pandemic and they are looking for ways to shed their costs wherever possible. When we talk about cost-cutting, the first thing that tops the list is the workspace rent. Companies would start to lay more emphasis on cost optimization. Most corporates would avoid capital expenditures and look for alternate flexible workspaces to have a sustainable working environment and also expand their business.

Post this pandemic situation, Work from home(WFH) might look appealing initially as a safety measure, but in the due course, there are many challenges that might occur which include limited spaces at home, not having a work-friendly environment, etc. Exchanging ideas or coordinating tasks might also become extremely challenging when working remotely and of course, there is always the struggle to balance deadlines with home duties. In a nutshell, work from home is often accompanied by challenges beyond comprehension. This is where coworking comes into the picture.

Coworking spaces can provide working individuals with better and sometimes enhanced services at a lesser cost than traditional office spaces. With increasing focus on cost optimization and effectiveness, co-working spaces have emerged as the new commercial mantra in the real estate sector and have been ruling the corporate world for the past few years.

As lockdowns lift and the professional world returns to normalcy, adjusting to the new rules might be the major challenge for traditional office setups like complying to compulsory social distancing and uncluttering office spaces. It is here that co-working spaces can fit right in and also might be the best option there is because of the sustainability and the cost effective offers that they have. With their naturally occurring ability to increase physical distancing between seats, their easy-on-the pocket cost options and various other relevant amenities, co-working spaces can be the ideal solution in the post-COVID world because they also offer flexibility in terms of time period of rental agreements as Coworking spaces can be rented on a monthly, day to day or even on hourly basis.

Major businesses and corporations with highly populated offices can move a sizeable portion of their workspace to coworking places to make their own workspace a bit less crowded and safe thereby helping them follow social distancing.

Speaking of COVID’s impact on the economy, many small business enterprises and start-ups were forced to shut down their operations, offices due to heavy loss in capital expenditure. Post this pandemic or in a few months down the lane when such businesses do want to restart their business or start out fresh, the rental advance and the investment
on office furniture or the interiors for their own office space might be a daunting task considering the financial status they would be starting out with. For such companies, a Coworking space would be a perfect place to start as such places come fully furnished with high-speed internet and various other additional amenities including lounge areas, cafeteria, meeting rooms, and so on where the price payable would depend on the number of seats required. Coworking spaces now are vast and flexible which makes it easy to find a place that suits you and your expectations and also, at a very affordable price which would any day trump investing huge capital on your own space.

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